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Sew Crafty Baby Kickback Program


I tried to avoid doing a points program but there really is no feasable way to do another program without involving a ton of work and possible mistakes... so a points program I  have done.

Every dollar spent earns you a point

  • Dollar amount is tallied after any discounts/coupons/store credits have been used.
  • Shipping fees (if any) are deducted from dollar amount
  • Returns will cause points to be removed
  • All orders are available for points regardless of if they are sale or clearance items.
  • Points will be tallied as quickly as possible but it could be up to a week before we have them available to you.
  • I'm working with my host to get a notes section under the 'my account' tab so I can list your points there.. otherwise for now you will have to contact me for points or simply go to your account and look up your recent orders to tally the $ amount.

Earn extra points

  • Follow us on Facebook for chances to win extra points
  • Look for sales announcements that will also give extra points with purchases

Turn in your points for store credit

  • Once you accumulate a specific amount of points required for a certificate, email us at and say that you wish to cash is xxx amount of points for a store credit.  Give us approx. 2 days lead time to get this done and reverify all of your points. Please don't email us the day before or the same day you want the store credit.. we need a few days to go over your past orders.

How many points do I have??

  • Simply log into your account and add up how much you have spent from 6/1/10 to current day. Each dollar is a point it's that simple. Do remember though that you could have previously cashed in and your points the amount will then be less.


The kickback credit is good for orders from June 1st 2010 (when I started the program) until current day.


150 points - $7 credit

300 points - $18 credit

500 points - $35 credit

800 points - $65 credit

1000 points - $80 credit

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